Findster is the first GPS Tracker without monthly fees!


Innovative GPS tracking system.

Findster is the first GPS tracker without monthly fees! Findster Kids and Findster Pets help you maintain your peace of mind by letting you track your kids and pets’ location in real-time, using the most precise GPS technology.

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Simple to use

There are two Findsters wirelessly connected to each other, one for you and another for your child or pet. Using the Findster App, you can find their position in real-time and take advantage of several features to assure their safety – including alerts if they leave previously defined safe areas!

Some of the good stuff

Real-time GPS tracking

Track your kids or pets’ location in real-time with ease, using the most reliable and precise GPS technology available.

Safe Areas

Define a safe area around your child or pet’s position, and Findster will immediately notify you if they leave that space.

Locate Mode

Detect the direction and distance to where your child or pet is.


Revisit your walks and past locations.


Share access to your Findsters with other authorized people, like family and friends.

Panic Button (Findster Kids)

The Child Module includes a Panic Button, allowing your kid to send you an immediate alert in case of emergency.

Activity Tracker (Findster Pets)

Findster provides you with key data and information, helping you assure that your pets’ needs are met.

Multi Findster Monitoring

Monitor up to 4 Children or Pets at the same time using extra Findster modules.

Why we are different


$ 99

2 Modules pack
  • Monthly Fee: No
  • GPS Tracker: Yes
  • Real-time tracking: Yes
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Trackers with Cellular Connection

$ 149-275

  • Monthly Fee: Yes
  • GPS Tracker: Yes
  • Real-time tracking: No