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Meet Findster Care:

Your pet's well‑being, monitored 24/7 by your own personal Vet.

Findster Care's vets are available to answer your questions 24/7

An extra eye on your buddy, making sure they're happy and safe

A Findster Care membership means our vets keep a watchful eye on your furry friends. Through Findster Duo's monitoring, they're able to analyze your pets' behavior over time and identify the reasons behind any meaningful changes, providing you personalized, actionable insights.

Got any questions? Ask our pet experts directly, at your convenience - 24/7 availability!

Findster Care

The extra layer of protection that will provide the best care for your pets

A Trusted Pet Expert 24/7

A Trusted Pet Expert 24/7

Have your own personal vet, who’ll be at hand to answer your every question - right on your Findster App.

Did your dog just eat avocado? Do not panic! Ask your vet directly, and they will let you know if it's nothing to worry about or if you should take action.

Findster Care's real-time vet chat
Early detection of illness

Early detection of illness

Be notified about possible health-related issues, through continuous monitoring and analysis of your pet’s behavior and your local context.

Has your pet been showing signs of apathy? Our Vet will let you know if it’s Mosquito Season in your area, and tell you what symptoms to look out for.

Findster Care's tailored insights
Pet Behavior Analysis

Pet Behavior Analysis

Track your pet's health evolution and receive informative insights as their activity is analyzed over time.

Is your buddy having some restless nights? With Findster Care, not only will you know about it, you’ll also be informed on whether there might be a problem or if it’s just heat season.

Findster Care's pet behavior analysis

24/7 care for your pet for the price of one cup of coffee per month.
Try it free!

Findster Care Membership
Unlimited access to a vet, available 24/7.
Continuous monitoring of your pet's well‑being.
Start today and cancel anytime.

Need to take a break? Stop your Care membership at any time and continue using your Findster Duo without any limitations.

Findster Care Membership

Meet some of our pet experts

Our Care Team consists of highly trained and skilled professionals, who combine years of experience and passion for their work to accomplish our ultimate mission: helping pets live their best life.

Preventive Vet Med
Dr. Lisa Thompson
Preventive Vet Med
Preventive Vet Med
Dr. Emma Cohen
Preventive Vet Med
Behavioral Medicine
Dr. James Rivers
Behavioral Medicine
Nutrition Expert
Dr. Courtney Wilson
Nutrition Expert

Why Findster Care?

Ask any pet-related questions to our vets, at your convenience
Our pet experts will keep an eye on your pet's well‑being

Convenience Convenience

Your buddy will be looked after by our pet experts, who'll not only share tailored advice over time, but also be available to answer your questions - no matter when.

Save Money Save Money

With Findster Care, a potentially costly and time-consuming visit to the clinic over a common minor ailment is substituted by a quick interaction.

Quality Care Quality Care

Our vets are also dedicated pet owners. They know just how stressful it can be to see our furry friends unwell, and they’ll give it all to provide the best care for your pet!

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Taking Care of Your Pet
Just Became Easier

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