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Your Findster World Includes:

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      Real-time Tracking

      Track your pets' location in real-time with ease.



      Revisit your walks and past locations.


      Pet Activity Tracker

      Access key data and information to assure your pets' daily needs are met.



      View your buddy's stats and compare them with other pets in various categories.



      Earn badges by reaching milestones and competing against other users.



      A built-in Radar shows your distance from your dog or cat.



      Define a safe area around your dog or cat's position on the map and Findster Duo will immediately notify you if your pets leave that space.



      Share access to your pets with other authorized people, like family and friends.

Findster Duo Friend Macgyver

“ Very satisfied. As I use the Findster more and more, I realize what a great product it is. I can track my dog everywhere. Thanks for inventing something so useful to give pet owners peace of mind. ”

Rod and Marion Francis, MacGyver’s best buddies

Findster Duo Friend Cotton

“ I just wanted to drop a note to say how happy I am with my new Findster Duo! The app works great and am enjoying the fitness Tracker. I tell my friends that it is my FitBit for dogs! ”

Judy Miller, Cotton's best buddy

Findster Duo Friend Gigi

“ We did about a 2 mile run, played with some of the other pups that were out, and even rolled around in the sand a bit. Findster functioned flawlessly! ”

Joshua Shilko, Gigi's best buddy

Findster Duo Friend Kira

“ I've had my Findster Duo for a couple weeks and so far its worked great. It's as accurate if not more so then my phones normal GPS. ”

Dillon Olstrom, Kira's best buddy

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