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All-in-one GPS Pet Tracker and Pet Activity Monitor. Free of Monthly Fees

427 Reviews

All-in-one GPS Pet Tracker and Pet Activity Monitor. Free of Monthly Fees

427 Reviews
  VAT included In Stock

Track your Pets' Location and Activity on your Phone in Real-Time.


free shipping

Free shipping

30 day money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

findster warranty

-Year Warranty

    • real-time  

      Real-time Pet Tracker

      Track your pets' location in real-time with ease.

    • history  


      Revisit your walks and past locations.

    • pet activity tracker  

      Pet Activity Tracker

      Access key data and information to assure your pets' daily needs are met.

    • leaderboards  


      View your buddy's stats and compare them with other pets in various categories.

    • badges  


      Earn badges by reaching milestones and competing against other users.

    • radar  


      A built-in Radar shows your distance from your dog or cat.

    • gps fences  


      Define a safe area around your dog or cat's position on the map and Findster Duo will immediately notify you if your pets leave that space.

    • share  


      Share access to your pets with other authorized people, like family and friends.

Verified Purchase
“Blodwen is a 11 months old double merle border collie. She has some vision but it’s not great; and she is totally deaf. The Findster makes it easy for us to find her. I can’t tell you how reassuring it is!”
Lisa Allsop | United Kingdom
28 December, 2018

Louie and Ziggy
Louie and Ziggy
Verified Purchase
“For an hour and a half I lost my dogs today. Without Findster I don't think I would have found one of them again, but I had Louie's last known spot to trek back to so I could keep chasing him until he eventually could figure out where I was.”
Aysha Kathryn | United Kingdom
9 November, 2018

Verified Purchase
“A coyote had Sapphire in its mouth and I chased it for over 2 miles. I saved my cat, she’s got some holes on her neck but she’s ok. Thank you for inventing these trackers, I was able to track my cat and save her life.”
Danielle Petersen | United States
14 October, 2018

Verified Purchase
“We love Scooter's new Findster Duo+. Now we don't have to worry about him when he decides to go off on one of his adventures. We no longer have to wait and worry until he decides to come home, we know right where he is at.”
Mike Gerdes | United States
17 July, 2018

Verified Purchase
“It’s so pleasant to walk our dogs and know they are nearby since they love to run in the vineyard and woods and are often out of sight. It’s easy to use and fun to see the path they are on. Highly recommend Findster Duo. It’s a 10 out of 10.”
Carol Doolittle | United States
24 June, 2018

Verified Purchase
“The Findster tracker has given us the confidence to let Scout off the lead. We know exactly where she is at all time. She is a much happier dog off the lead and we are much happier now knowing where she is.”
Dianne Turner | United Kingdom
25 April, 2018

Verified Purchase
“We have little to no cell coverage where we live. With the Findster Duo, we can find Tucker with amazing accuracy. After three major disappointments with other trackers, the Findster Duo has given us back our peace of mind.”
Laurie Davies | United States
12 April, 2018